Top Moisturizers From Anna Sui Skincare

Anna Sui skincare is not the first brand that comes to mind when you think of the best skincare brands, however, in recent years their product quality has improved. find out more Another great thing about skincare products by Anna Sui is that they come in cute or even beautiful packaging.

Their products are broadly divided into three categories, namely moisturizing, whitening and skincare accessories. Unlike companies specialized for skincare solutions, Anna Sui skincare lacks an anti-aging line and neither are its products specifically for preventing or curing wrinkles.

What their skincare does offer is a whole range of moisturizing solutions including lotions, gels, serums and milk as well as cleansers and skin whitening products.

The accessories include a facial bar dish and a bowl both of which are beautiful decorative items that are also useful.

One of the most popular brands with global recognition, their products are also in favor with celebrities and her clientele includes the likes of Christina Ricci, Cher, Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore.

Despite predominantly being a fashion and apparel brand, Anna Sui skin care is among the top five highest selling brands in Asia according to a book by Susan Muaddi Darraj published in 2009.

Despite being an Asian American herself, Anna Sui skincare products are suitable for everyone and are often given a personal touch by the highly successful designer herself.

Floral motifs (especially roses) are common in the packaging and bottle or container design. Purple and black is a common color and the products retain a girly playful glamor and are influenced by the rock and roll culture.

A common misconception is that their skincare and products are cheap whereas prices for the skincare line are similar to other luxury skincare brands.

One of the best ways, perhaps, to experience the Anna Sui concept is to enter their store in the New York SoHo area, which is a boutique.

You will be transported into a fairy tale world where rock and roll posters and Gothic/Victorian style combines with girly and feminine fashion and somehow it all manages to look good.

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